Discrete Amplification Photon Detector (DAPD)

Amplification Technology Inc., a division of Powersafe Technology Corp. (PSFT), has developed a new semiconductor detection technology for extremely high sensitivity electronic and photonic detection: Discrete Amplification (DA).

Using the patented DA technology platform, a breakthrough in the design of photon detectors was implemented, delivering photodetectors with extremely high-sensitivity.  The use of DA in semiconductor detectors increases their sensitivity to enable single-photon detection, even when operated at room temperatures.  The DA detection technology enables the creation of new detector systems for various applications including laser range finding, night vision, hyper-spectral spectroscopy, security systems, telecommunications, environmental monitoring and drug discovery.

Key Features:

- Photon detectors available using silicon as well as InGaAs/InP for responsivity in a wide spectral range    between  UV (300nm) to SWIR (1650nm)
-  Single photon level sensitivity with high Photon Detection efficiency (PDE) of 50% (Si) or 25% (InGaAs/InP)
-  Single Photon detection at room temperature
-  Excellent voltage and thermal stability
-  Linearity: output signal is proportional to the amount of photons per pulse
-  Wide dynamic range
-  Fast response (rise time <0.4ns) even with large active area size of 200Ám (InGaAs)
-  Extremely fast recovery: with half time shorter than 25ns (InGaAs)


-  Laser Range Finding (LRF)
-  LIDAR and LADAR: including in the eye safe wavelength of above 1500nm
-  Night vision
-  Imaging systems and NIR cameras
-  Security systems
-  PET Scanners
-  Medical imaging
-  Fluorescence Detection
-  High energy physics
-  Hyper-spectral spectroscopy
-  Spectroscopy
-  Biological sensors
-  Homeland security

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